You are a diamond

Tonight a friend who I had met just recently shared with me that she has a very intense higher calling and her heart deeply desires to follow it but that can’t seem to get unstuck out of her current life trauma of deep emotional pain and suffering that’s been lingering for quite a while.

Maybe some of you can relate to this feeling and so can I. I have had a time in my life that was very dark and unclear and no matter what I tried I could not get out of the feelings of non-clarity and confusion and despair and on top of that I was constantly blaming myself for the situation I was in.

However, there are times in our life when we need to surrender to Existence and let life evolve itself and open new opportunities and new walkways for us. This is particularly important if you are a spiritual seeker and have been through major spiritual growth or major spiritual experience that highly elevated you.

In many seeker’s lives there comes a time of a spiritual dark night when we are forced to go through period of confusion, and non-clarity and emotional pain that looks like depression, but it is not. This is a sacred process in which our ego self is dying to our higher self which needs to first shed “the old skin” before it can be born.

If you are going through something you can’t seem to dissolve and any proven methods you have tried seem to be failing, just listen to this one truth: Trust that this is a process through which you need to go because your soul chose it and the less you resist it and try to get out of it, the faster it will pass.

Find solitude and find safety in the arms of Existence. Trust and feel that you are being cradled by Existence even during this dark time and that all you need to do is keep going. Do not settle down in the dark valley, do not be mistaken; this is not your home and it is not your permanent residence. You are just passing though this on your own highest spiritual evolution.

I have been through this dark time myself and I know how confusing, lonely and hard it is for anybody who has to go through this and therefore I extend my heart to all of you who might be experiencing this right now. I am sending rays of deep love to you. 

Remember, you are on the right path, even if it might feel like the opposite. You are important and you are growing very fast to be going through this sacred process. Find solitude in you heart and in the Cosmic Embrace. The Divine Mother will extend her heart to you if you ask and one day soon the sun will come out again and your star will shine brighter than before because you had become a diamond. And PS: I looove diamonds!

My love always to you, Jasmine 

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