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Hello, my name is Jasmine Glow and I welcome you to a place where new futures are created!

I am an intuitive coach and I specialize in working with clients who want to live a truly fulfilling life where they get to experience a life of their dreams and at the same time express the fullness of their potential.

I’m an expert on empowerment and personal as well as spiritual transformation. My clients are often women who have or want to discover a direction in their life and want to take their life to the level of true fulfillment. I see my clients creating miracles in their life on a regular basis.

  • Are you an ambitious person who wants to finally live your life at the peak of your potential?
  • Do your want to live a  life filled with joy and love that you deserve?
  • Do you want to break free from all your past traumas and experience excitement and joy on daily basis? 
  • Do you want be empowered to live on top of your game?

If any of this resonates with you, you are in the right place. My role is to help you create the future that will be fulfilling your highest potential and in which you are an active director and leader.

I learned from my experience that there are two ways we can live our life:

  1. Living the default destiny. This kind of life will unfold by default even without your active participation.
  2. Living a created destiny. This kind of living is one, where we become the active creators and we choose to direct our future. Which way do you think is more fulfilling?

I am a living proof of the fact that when we take steps to interfere in our default life story, we experience a life full of wonder, miracles and magic.

 Your desired future is closer than you might think. Miracles are at our fingertips!

Let me tell you a little bit of my life story. I’ve always been a very adventurous soul and before I came to Canada I lived in Berlin, Prague, Austrian Alps and Denver. After years of exciting travels I decided to settle down in Canada. At 27 I was a new immigrant to the country without family or knowing anyone here. I believed in my “big Canadian dream”, however, without having the closest people in my life around me, life became empty and sad. As years went by I started to feel very lonely so I tried to find my happiness through relationships. As luck had it, none of them were deep and satisfying and finally I ended up in a relationship that led me down the path of depression and even panic attacks.

When after a year of deep struggle I finally realized that this was not who I really was, my path to spiritual discovery started.  My deep depression took me to starting a regular practice of yoga and meditation which later turned into intense seeking. My seeking turned into yearning to discover the core of my very being, so I decided to travel to India in search of transformation and spirituality. My first 3 months were filled with magic and miracles, and after returning from India I realized that I wanted to dive even deeper into the multitude of layers and dimensions of what I started to uncover. Within 6 months of being back in Canada I resigned my promising career, sold all my possessions and left to India indefinitely. I ended up staying for full 5 years.

This time ended up being the most magical and blissful I ever lived. My decision to follow my heart and my calling was the most authentic choice I could have ever done. I studied under the direct guidance of an enlightened teacher who became my revered Guru. I was trained into the secrets of yoga, human incarnation, dimensions of the universe, layers of our being, parts of our personality, truths about human psychology, physiology and emotional blueprint but most importantly I was initiated into various techniques for spiritual guidance and healing.

Thanks to this process I have transformed into a new being unable to recognize my past self. I disconnected from the old story that I was living and I have created a completely new script for myself that I am currently living. Part of my new script is my passion to help others to live at their peak potential and create a destiny filled with meaning and true purpose.

You are more than the story you keep telling yourself. 

You know deep inside your being, that you are more than you are currently living. You have dreams and ambitions that are larger than your life right now. You have this insatiable desire to reach  for more, to stand up, to be even greater than you are. This feeling has been with you for quite some time now. Your story does not satisfy you anymore and you are looking for more. Well, the Universe always answers when we ask. That is why you might be reading these lines right now.

It is your birthright to design the life that you desire. All you need to do is take the first step to being its active director. I am here to help on that journey.

Experience the magic of your new life!

Time is the only currency of our life. We can lose money, relationships, jobs, even health, but we can always gain them back. However, time has no return policy. Our time will never be given back to us and if we don’t choose to become the leaders, we will remain as followers of our default destiny.

Shift your reality now!

Why wait any longer to claim the life of your dreams? Don’t let time eat the best out of you by remaining frozen. Choose to reach for the stars and live your desired reality now. I will meet you on the other side.

~ With love and blessings always, Jasmine