Wealth worships the ones that are courageous

There are so many successful people out there who are pursuing their dreams in terms of their careers and businesses. They followed their calling and started their own companies and became extremely successful in what they do. I admire people for their courage and passion and the vision and the determination to follow their dreams.

I have read a beautiful quote today: “Wealth worships those who are courageous!” I have to wholeheartedly agree. How much courage it takes to get onto a journey of being who you feel you are meant to be? Those brave ones are certainly to be rewarded for stepping out of their comfort zone and following their vision.

However, success is not all that makes and breaks our life. You and I both know many people who have been extremely successful in their careers, however, very empty and depressed in their lives in general. That is because our success is not a formula to happiness and fulfillment. It can certainly add to our happiness and fulfillment, however, it is not the whole deal if everything else is out of balance.

I know people who run companies that employ 100’s of people, however, they themselves have no time for their own family. They hardly see their children, they don’t have time to make breakfasts and dinners together, whatever can be is automated, contracted out, just so that they can function faster, be more efficient and more successful.

But do we realize what is missing here? When our own family is not emotionally connected, when there is no quality time with people that mean the most to us, when everything revolves around “the big life responsibilities” like running the big business for the sake of big numbers in our bank account so that we can have the luxurious and comfortable lives that we have, we are starving ourselves of the experiences we truly most desire in the illusion that we will have more of them the more we work and the more money we make.

There was a story of a fisherman and a business man. A humble fisherman was sitting on a lake quietly with his fishing rod, waiting for his catch in silence. A business man who was vacationing in this area saw him and approached him with a question, How long have you been doing this for? The fisherman answered, All my life. The business man asked, Why don’t you buy a boat and start fishing in huge volumes so that you can sell fish to stores and make money out of it? The fisherman asked, What would I do with that money? Well, you could then buy your own lake house and enjoy your fishing quietly, said the business man. But that’s what I’m already doing, the fisherman replied.

The moral of the story is that sometimes we run after things we think that will make our life greater and we are missing on enjoying the very simple pleasures that were in our life every day if we took the time to enjoy them.

I know that success is wonderful and how deeply fulfilling it is when it’s serving others, but it should also serve our own life on a deeper lever. If your life-style of success is disconnecting you from your own inner self, robbing you of quality time with yourself and your loved ones, you will feel very cheated when your life is over.

Don’t forget that business is not what will fulfill you, it is how it makes you feel and what is the space that you have on the inside that is going to determine that.

People who interchange success with fulfillment often feel cheated, because fulfillment is in simple magic, that can be perceived in a moment that might seem mundane, but its value is more than the whole world can pay you: A moment of someone’s eye sparked with love towards you, a moment of deep genuine embrace, or a smile of a child to whom you just made their day.

So success worships those who are brave, but also brave enough to look into what really matters in life, what really has value, what is it really, that ignites your heart. And they start with that. Those are the really brave and successful ones. 

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