We can never get enough of what we don’t need

I heard an amazing truth today: “We can never get enough of what we don’t need.”

Think about it. We can never get enough of what we don’t need.

This is so true! Look at people who are only chasing success or possessions. They accumulate wealth and possessions, but even after they have more than they could even dream of in the beginning of their search, they always want more.

It is one thing if accumulated money or possessions are used to grow us as human beings, if they serve us in a higher way or if they serve others in some way. But if accumulation is done solely for accumulation’s sake, there is never an end to the need of having more.

Do you know why that might be?

It is because the things we are after are many times not at all what we really need. These are the things we think will make us happy, but it is not the case. They only cover our fears but don’t bring true fulfillment, because they are not what our being needs.

What is it that your being needs?
What is it that you truly deeply yearn for?

The answer is very simple. We all want to feel deeply fulfilled on our soul level. We want to express our talent, we want to realize our gifts, we want to fulfill our potential, we want to have impact on others, we want to serve or help someone, we want to contribute to the world in our unique way, we want to open the possibilities that lie inside of us and express them in the biggest possible way.

That is what our being truly desires. It wants to flower. It wants to grow. It wants to express itself. Our being does not need to accumulate, it wants to realize itself, it wants to be alive and express itself, it thrives on being alive.

So ask yourself deeply: What would you really want to do if you could stop working right now, if you did not have to worry about money, if you were taken care of. What would it be then that you would really want?

Would you like to learn to play an instrument? Would you like to go and study something you always wanted to? Would you start a different career? Would you move somewhere else? Would you do something that would contribute to someone in a big way? Would you donate money, time, or talents to someone or something?

Start paying attention to what really matters to you. What really matters to your being. What does your being really crave, what does your being really need to feel deeply fulfilled and start going after that. Put your focus on that.

Understand that what we need is different from what we want. Our wants are often borrowed from others, or they stem from comparison with others or from our insecurities, fears or greed. Our wants can never be satisfied because that is not what we really need.

Think about it deeply and focus on what really matters, not something that masquerades itself as something that will bring you fulfillment. It takes courage to look inside authentically but it is the most rewarding thing when you uncover your real authenticity. You have all my love and support in this process. With love always, Jasmine

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