We are the source of everything

We are the source of everything! We are powerful creators. Whatever we see in our life today, we have created by our thoughts, feelings and actions in the past. How we feel, think and act today will create our future tomorrow and years from now.

Remember, your desire and the Universe’s desire for you is no different. What you desire, the source within you also desires. What you yearn for, the source also yearns for you to have.

Your will and the Universal will are in alignment and the stars are literally waiting for you to feel the power of your will in the form of your dream reality.

Everything out there is waiting for us to ask for it. Everything we want also wants us. But we have to take action to get it. So what can you do today to make it happen for you?

What if we tried to implement some of these things in our life:

1. Wake up early to make our day worth while.
2. Not to waste a single day without thinking of playing a bigger game.
3. Be responsible for our results.
4. Strive to learn and become better every day.
5. Say yes to opportunities.
6. Say no to time wasters.
7. Avoid small talk. Spend time with people of your tribe.
8. Be authentic with yourself. Don’t pretend and don’t suppress.
9. Take action every day.
10. Enjoy the journey, as it is the path that is the goal.

Which one of those are you stuck with? Where could you improve to make your life fuller of life? Sending heaps of love and wishing you a wonderful rest of the day. With love, Jasmine

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