The Universe is your Home

It is so easy to forget in times of struggle that we are always taken care of. We fail to notice all the help and blessings in our life when we are scared of change or facing a real challenge. Even if you don’t have a home, the Universe is your home.

However, the Universe always finds a way for you. Someone somehow will show up and help you, embrace you, support you or save you. When I have a tough moment, I try to remember to say to myself: “Now, at this moment, everything is fine. I am still alive. I am still safe. I am well. All is well right this moment.”

And each passing moment it will be well again, in the next, the next and the next moment again. Let us trust that the Oneness that we know we are will manifest in your life somehow, somewhere, magically.

Trusting the Universe is sometimes the last resource we can turn to, that is when oftentimes miracles happen.

Relax and trust, that right now at this moment, all is well. 

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