The beauty of a Goddess

What men love about us, women, are our emotions, our vulnerability, our open heart, our softness, our gentleness, our openness to feeling.

When you start embodying your true femininity, men will be naturally drawn to be around you. Men love women that are deeply feminine. True femininity is a quality of deep passivity, wisdom and love. It’s the energy of a Goddess.

We don’t need to “do” anything for men to love us and desire to be around us. Doing is a masculine trait. Men love doing, achieving and proving things for us women. They love to make us happy, to be the protectors, to be the heros in our eyes. They want to DO all of these things for us women, it makes them feel manly and they love that feeling. They also love when women let them be men and don’t try to take on their role.

Our role therefore is not the DOING, it is to BE a true woman. A female full of beauty which means radiating grace and love, a woman who isn’t shy to show her emotional vulnerability. Being emotionally vulnerable is not a display of weakness. Quite the opposite – ability to be vulnerable is a tremendous strength. Look around, how many people around you show their vulnerability? Almost nobody!! More than 99% of the people on this planet are playing strong, but understand, we are all vulnerable on the inside. A woman is one who is courageous to show that vulnerability to a man.

I work with and see too many women in North America who lost this quality of vulnerability. In today’s world of succeeding women adopted the behavior of concurring, winning, achieving and going after. They might look like women, but they don’t sound and feel like ones. I myself often get scared away by their strong masculine energy.

Remember, that a true feminine woman is a Goddess. And only when we become the true Goddess that we are can men see us as one.

Today’s affirmation for all women who want to be and embody their true femininity is this:

“I allow myself to be a beautiful Goddess. I embrace my vulnerability, my emotions and my open heart. I am not ashamed of being a woman, on the contrary, I celebrate all that is feminine about me. I love my vulnerability, because it is my strength. I know that the energy of the woman that I am is a pure energy of love. I choose to breathe love and spread love as a true Goddess”.

Let us all be united in love.

Love to us all, Jasmine

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