Staircase to success

There is no shortcut to success. We can’t just wish it to magically appear. Success lies in continuously acting on improving of who we are. Improving how we live. Improving how we serve. Improving how we relate to others. We have to take steps to our success to come to the top and to live on the top (of the world).

You see, when we first decide to follow our path to success people will ask us why we’re doing it. But later they will ask us HOW we did it. It is in the consistency that success is born. It is in the self-discipline that success is born. It is in our decision to make it happen that the success is born.

Your goals don’t care how you feel, they need to be reached by your taking action on reaching them. The more evolved we become, the more focused we must be on those few things which matter most to us.

Today, decide on one goal, one thing you want to succeed in may it be in the way you live, serve or the way you relate to others. Take one step of the staircase to your success. Be the active director of your destiny. Take charge of your life today by walking the staircase to your success.

With love always, Jasmine 

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