• Intuitive Life Coaching

    Intuitive Life Coaching is a process that will help you transform the quality of your life on a deep level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits and goals, this type of coaching delves you into your deep rooted beliefs and your connection to the divine.

    By activating the vision of your highest potential and awakening your power you will be able to create and attract the life that you desire.

    In this kind of coaching I will help to guide you to discover your life’s purpose, awaken your inspiration, and your reasons for being here in this lifetime. Your very first consultation can bring about tremendous realizations with immediate benefits to your sense of empowerment and well-being.

    My intention is to create something powerful for my clients, that is why I use something that is called “deep coaching” which can be truly life changing. This type of coaching is governed by being open to think about things in a way you haven’t thought about them until now. The way you see your life right now will be challenged so that you can open up to believing that there are new possibilities out there for you that you didn’t see until now.

    In our coaching sessions I want to be showing up to serve you, not to please you. Because by pleasing you, I might get you to like me, but that is not the purpose of my coaching. I’d like to take you on a journey where you will see and reach for new horizons that are opening up in front of you.

    My coaching style is also governed by authenticity, where you and I both show up as we are and as we feel and we pretend nothing and we hide nothing. By being authentic we are then able to uncover what’s really stopping you from being where you want to be. With authenticity we can uncover everything that is in the way of your true fulfillment.

    With my clients I always try to create a mutual agreement of using the so-called “high flying coaching”, where I will challenge you sometimes to see the world in a different way. We might turn the heat up sometimes so that you see things that might not be comfortable at first, but which are important for you to see so that you can shift and gain the power to move away from what’s no longer serving you.

    As we walk together on your journey to enhance your awareness of your past limitations, the quality of your path will increase tremendously and you will be empowered and supported to follow your authentic calling and reach out to your new heights as a human being.

    If you would like to create a new future for yourself and experience magic and miracles unfolding in front of your eyes, if you want to pursue your true purpose and be authentic to your deepest calling, then I would like to invite you to book a discover call with me. Let us find out if working together would be something that would be a match for both of us.




  • Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching is designed for Business People and Entrepreneurs who wish to live a life of balance, peace and meaningful relationships. This type of coaching helps you better plan, focus and delegate and still honor the quality of your personal life with all its aspects to further increase your creativity and success in your endeavors.






  • Spiritual Mentoring

    Spiritual Mentoring is designed for spiritual seekers who are looking for a guide or mentor on their path of self-discovery. This service includes custom-made spiritual processes, techniques and meditations that will help you identify and overcome your mental and emotional blocks, subconscious patterns and childhood traumas. This process may include past life regression and spiritual healing.