Secrets to manifestation

We all want to manifest our dreams, but how come it is happening for some people and not to others?

There are a few things you need to know about manifestation:

1. You need to have clarity. If you don’t know what you want, and especially, if what you want is not what you REALLY REALLY want, it is impossible to manifest it.

2. You need to have focus. If you keep changing your desires and goals, life itself becomes so confused, that it doesn’t know what to manifest. Your monkey mind is making it impossible.

3. Keep your course. Means, hold your visualization of your desires steady for some time. Don’t drop it too early.

4. Align your feeling with your desire. How would it feel to have this in your life? Dive into the emotion of your desired reality.

5. Align your thoughts to your desire. Our emotions determine our thoughts. If your thoughts are contradicting your feelings and desires, you are sabotaging your success of manifestation.

6. Align your energy. Let your feelings and thoughts change your very vibration. Perceive, that something about you has changed, you are vibrating on a different frequency.

7. Align your actions. When we feel and think in alignment with our desired reality, we will be naturally led into inspired action. Follow the guidance from life and take the steps you are guided to take. They will lead you to your goal.

8. Don’t contradict your desire. What that means is, “I want something, but it would be too much work. Or it would mean I would have to work for it. Or I would have to give up this and that.” This is contradicting to what you want to manifest and it nullifies your desire.

9. Remember, the Universe doesn’t manifest what you want, but what you believe. So have faith. Keep your faith steady, don’t give up no matter what you see in front of you. Be consistent and trust. Surrender the process and just ride the wave of your manifestation.

10. Who manifests your desires is not someone up there. It is YOU. It is the Creator inside of you. It is the Universal power inside of you. It is the Divinity inside of you. Understand that is your own power that manifests your reality as long as you are able to take responsibility for that power. Become that power and simply declare your reality. Keep your will steady and watch what happens.

With love always, Jasmine <3

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