Running away from our demons

We all know the feeling that we are often hunted by the same issue again and again no matter what we do. Sometimes we think that we can get rid of that thing by simply pushing it away, not looking at it, ignoring it, not listening to it, pretending we don’t know about it.

But how is that working out for you? Did you notice that the more you try to avoid it, the stronger the feelings, situations, circumstances become? It is because our internal resistance supports the things it tries to avoid by giving them power and energy to work against us.

It might not seem fair, but there are laws of physics and metaphysics that describe this phenomenon and in short we know it as “what you resist persists”.

So what we resist, we are unknowingly, or secretly giving power to, because we believe that by facing it, we would be overpowered, defeated, broken, devastated, hurt. In human psychology defeat is perceived as a form of death to our ego, that is why the resistance to the “enemy” actually feeds the strength of the enemy.

There was a story of a monk who decided to go to a cave in the Himalayas to avoid all the noise of the world and attain enlightenment. But as soon as he sat in the cave, his own demons awakened and started to scare him and haunt him. He did all that he could to get rid of them, he was shouting, screaming, even fighting, but the more he fought, the worse their attacks became.

Finally, he decided to give up the battle. He sat down in the cave and let them have their way with him. Suddenly he realized the demons disappeared and he experienced deep silence.

What does this story say to us is basically that our demons are hidden inside of us. When we see someone being mad at us, angry, unfair, mean, what we fail to notice that maybe, just like the demons in the cave, these are representations of our own inner demons that we first need to face that are showing up in the form of these situations.

Everything starts on the inside. When we let our inner demons disappear, the outer demons will also disappear. Our circumstances will change, people in our life will change, maybe they will start behaving differently, or maybe you will notice that your behavior has changed and so everything else is responding differently to you as a result of that.

This is what I call the power of surrender. The wisdom of surrender. Surrender is more powerful than resistance, because the worst obstacles can only be overcome with a soft power (love), not a hard power (resistance or fight).

So see if any of your demons are jumping too high today. Remember, they are not real, they are mere shadows of your inner misunderstandings. Stop resisting what you are trying to avoid. Let it come to you, let it “have its way with you” and let it equally disappear on its own and let you be liberated and free.

My love and blessings to you all, Jasmine 

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