Practice the love you want to receive

We all want to be loved and to have a wonderful happy life but many times we get angry at people who don’t match the image of our image of this loving and peaceful world that we dream of. We tend blame others for their behavior, we get frustrated or angry.
We need to remember that before we can see the perfect world that we dream of we need to first practice the kind of love we aspire to receive. When we get angry at others for not being a certain way, it is oftentimes a mirror of something we ourselves need to address in our own life.
If others criticize us, it is because we have been secretly criticizing ourselves, if others judge us, it is because we have been judging ourselves. If we continue to blame others for their behavior, we are missing out on a lesson that life is offering us which is to turn our attention towards ourselves and start to look within. What have we secretly been practicing in our life?
Do you tent to be hard on yourself, criticize yourself and put yourself down? You will see this behavior mirrored in others. They are nothing but cosmic reminders of something we need to look at in our very selves. We need to embrace the parts of ourselves that others criticize, because we have been secretly and unconsciously criticizing ourselves.
So before others can radiate love and appreciation to you, you need to become the loving a appreciative person towards yourself first. When you embrace yourself fully, you will be radiating peace, grace and love on the outside. Naturally, you will be perceived as loving, because your being will radiate love.
Practice the love you want to receive with yourself first. Not in a narcissistic way, rather in an unconditional way. In the way of ultimate compassion. Give yourself the love that is the essence of the Cosmos, the love you believe you deserve. Naturally, you will radiate pure love and others will mirror the same love towards you.
Love to you all, Jasmine <3
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