Postponing is against life

We all know this one habit – postponing. We postpone meditating, we postpone starting our own business, we postpone working out, we postpone starting to eat healthily, we postpone our transformation, we postpone being happy.

While we are postponing though, life is still speeding by. Years later we will recognize that we could have started working out sooner, eating better sooner, taken that course, we could have done this or done or say that.

We keep postponing because we think that we have unlimited time or that now is not the right time yet. Not today, maybe tomorrow – we say this every day.
Understand, that postponing is not only a waste of your time, it is actually postponement of your own life. Life is about being active. Acting on your desires, on your potential, on your dreams, pursuing your talents, pushing past your limitations.

Postponing is as good as death. Yes, it is OK to wait until you know the time is right, but if you have the nagging feeling of guilt inside, trust me, you know your timing has expired long ago.

Postponing for your soul purpose and fulfillment is as good as rotting for an apple. In other words – it’s not good for you.

What are you postponing today? What have you missed out on over the past month, year, decade? Do you want to wait longer before you start living the life you deserve and desire?

If you want to get unstuck, contact us and we will help you to move past this blockage.

With love always,


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