The piercing power of truth

A radical shift in consciousness happens only when deep truth is shared and also realized.

We all live our lives not being aware of the many blind spots and patterns we operate on. They are called blind spots because we ourselves don’t see them. All other people see them except for us. It is very funny how it works. We think how we do things and how we respond is “just us”, “this who I am”, we say. Even though it’s completely natural to feel this way, none of these patterns are actually us.

Patterns are learned behaviors created in the past as a reaction to a painful event that are supposed to protect us from more hurts. They are sitting in our present and negatively affect our future.

In order for us to wake up and see them as they are, truth has to be shared. Truth is not always pleasant. Truth penetrates these blind spots and patterns, it pierces through them to the very ego. That’s is why truth is often very painful.

But truth is the only way to authenticity. Truth is like a surgery that removes a cancerous growth. No matter how painful the recovery after such surgery is, the surgery is life saving and critical for healing. So is the truth for our growth and expansion into a better, more perfected version of ourselves.

Truth is what we should celebrate and welcome in our life because it opens our eyes and raises us to become more of who we truly are.

A sleeping man can not see the wonder of the Universe. Only an awakened soul can and for that truth must be shared even if it’s painful sometimes. 

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