Old beans

I wanted to share with you a story that I heard a while ago: It was a story of an older lady who was picking beans in her garden to cook a stew. After she picked the beans she sat on her stool in front of the house and was sifting through the harvest and started throwing beans that were bad or damaged into the field in front of her.

Next year however, she noticed that these old beans sprouted and grew into new bean plants that produced a harvest of beans that she could now collect and use for cooking.

She then realized that the “old bad beans” were not as useless as she thought and became to appreciate them for creating a much bigger harvest for her this year.

Just like the old beans, sometimes we also get excluded, judged or thrown away by the people in our life. We get denied opportunities, we get belittled or looked down at and disrespected.

But worry not, just like the “old beans” you also have a tremendous value in this Universe and what matters about you lies on the inside.

You have experiences and wisdom that you acquired through your unique journey in life that noone else got to take part of, only you. You were chiseled and molded by circumstances and challenges who made you into who you are and you have a unique contribution to make in this world.

Don’t walk away feeling defeated. Don’t start doubting yourself and throwing in a towel. Quite the opposite: Use your circumstance as a set-up, not a setback.

Walk away peacefully and calmly, knowing on the inside that you just got initiated, you got empowered, you just got motivated to prove yourself in even a bigger way because you know what you mean in this world.

Then watch and see that the same people who once made you wrong will come to you to learn from you, to collect from you, to counsel with you. They will be the ones who will be inspired by you and who might even pay you for all that you have to offer.

Stand up on the inside and feel the power in you. Stand up straight and walk with your chin held high. Collect your courage on the inside to continue to be the best you that you are and remain humble but confident in your abilities. Grow compassion and love and raise yourself to be an example of faith and persistence.

Because that’s who you are! You are Divine, you have value, you are powerful, you mean a lot to the Universe, you are not insignificant and you never will be!

I believe in you and your abilities and sending blessings all the way through with all my divine will and power to bless. Let your courage be rewarded million fold. And so it is!

With love always, Jasmine 

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