You are not someone else’s opinion

You are not what they think of you!

So what that they said you were wrong?
So what that they thought you were ugly?
So what that your parents didn’t plan you?
So what that someone didn’t want to play with you?
So what that your parents liked your sibling more than you?
So what that you are shorter or taller, bigger or smaller, more educated or not?

You are AMAZING!
You are UNIQUE!
You are AWESOME!

Existence planned on bringing you here!
Existence wants you here and She thinks you are EXTRAORDINARY.

It doesn’t matter if others approve of you or like you. You don’t need anyone else to approve of you or like you, because you are grown up now and you can create your world on your own the way you like it. You can think and do what you want and so do others. Their view of you has got nothing to do with you. It is truly none of your business.

Do you know what most successful people already know? They know that what others think of them doesn’t matter. What matters is only what they think of themselves and they have one thing in common: They know they DESERVE.

So if someone says a comment that you don’t like, just say: Thank you for sharing, and go about your way. You don’t need to take it in, because you are enough, you deserve and you are wonderful. You know who you are and you know you.

You are amazing!
You are extraordinary!
You are sweet!
You are talented!
You are lovable!
You are deserving!

So free yourself from other’s views of you. You are more than just someone else’s opinion. You are what you decide to be.
You are Magical!

Love you always, Jasmine

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