Self-love is power

Self love is the single most important thing to have in life. To carry a genuine deep love for ourselves is not about ego or arrogance it’s about spreading more love in the world.

What we see in ourselves, others see in us as well. If we love ourselves, others see and feel the compassion, the gentleness but also natural confidence (without pride) and non-violent openness we carry towards others.

Only a person that truly loves themselves can genuinely love others also. Without genuine self-love we are only beggars for love, not lovers in a true sense. We are deprived of love so we are asking for it.

But a person who really loves themselves has a tremendous power. That’s right! They don’t take or beg or negotiate with love. They feel, radiate and spread love, because they ARE love themselves.

That is the power of self love. Yes, love is power. It increases love towards others and makes the world a more loving place. <3

Love to you all,

~ Jasmine <3

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