Logic vs. Heart

Just like there are different dimensions of the material reality there are different dimensions of our being. The linear dimension of our being is logic. This dimension is based on facts, numbers, statistics, metrics. It’s very useful for strategizing, concurring, winning. However, human beings have much higher potential that just staying on the level of the logical mind. As humans we should be able to move deeper, beyond the boundaries of mere logic to be able to experience the fullness and colorfulness of life.

We can reach this deeper dimension of our being when we connect to our heart. It is said that those who are guided by their heart will always find the right answers and they rejoice in the state of their beingness. Sculptures, painters, song writers, dancers, poets, people in love, they all operate on the secret force of the heart. The feelings they experience create an overflowing force in their being. This force erases all self-doubt and gives them the ability to put their feelings and thoughts into form.

Many times, the people of the heart will look like fools to people of logic. Because the reason why a logical person does something and the reason why a heart person does something is totally unrelated. They won’t be able to relate to each other simply because they are operating on completely different planes.

The logic is a linear reality, but the heart has depth. Our heart is not conditioned to abide to the rules of the logic. The logic is all about strategizing, concurring, winning, stealing. The heart is about flowing, pouring itself out, giving, enriching.

People that only operate solely on logic and forget the deeper dimension of life – the heart – really live in poverty. Whoever calculates their life only based on money, luxuries or something to be obtained, they are poor even if they have millions of dollars in their bank account.

The heart is a place of flowing with life and genuine enjoyment. It is the place which without concurring or strategizing to get something out of someone simply opens, and flows. This is when a deeper dimension of life is opened to us to experience the magic of life. Our depth opens and our being opens.

When our calculating strategy relaxes a bit and our heart celebrates, our depth increases and our ability to be alive and celebrate life reaches levels we weren’t able to experience before.

This is the magic of an open heart. It is most rewarding to have our heart open. Try it, there is no key, the only thing you need is a decision to be loving and flowing.

With love always, Jasmine

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