The past is old news

To keep our power, we need to constantly remind yourselves  of our value, remember our strengths, our uniqueness and our achievements. We must stop focusing on our failures, remembering what went wrong and where we could have done better.

The past is the old news. It belongs just there – to the past. If we keep carrying it around it creates weighs on our being and makes our energy heavy, dull and dense.  We have a choice to drop the dead bodies of the past and focus on what we have the power to change.

Focus on what to do next, how to handle things that are coming up for us, plan on going forward, stop fixing the past. Change the attitude from regret, shame or guilt into believing in yourself, expecting the best, planning on success. Love yourself! Know who you are and that you matter.

Give yourself a pat on the back! You have done well and your best is still coming! Say to yourself: I am happy with the person that I am because I am no longer judging myself through the eyes of others. I am my own person! I love myself! That is power!

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