Embrace the change

We all resist change in one way or the other. We get uncomfortable to say the least, if not fearful, worried, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed.

Change is always a transformation of some sorts and that is usually combined with some “growing pains”. We have a tendency to avoid any kind of pain, even if it’s designed to move us forward, to better us, to change our situation into something better.

Think about it – how many times did you resist the change so much that it caused you severe emotional, mental and maybe even physical suffering only to find out later, that it was the best thing that could ever happen to you?

When the pain of trying so hard to remain the same becomes greater than the fear of change, you transform. That is a magical moment. You fly out. You switch. You let go. You allow.

Truly, that is all we need to do in times of change. Allow. Let go. Relax. Trust. Let the “birthing pain” take you out into the new life, new beginning.

If you are struggling with trying to remain the same and you really want to change that struggle into comfort and relaxation, coaching is the best answer to do just that.

Book a free session with Jasmine to break free from the struggle. Let’s find a new perspective for you from which the change will be perceived a blessing.

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Love always, Jasmine

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