Don’t let doubt stop you from your destiny

Sometimes the only thing that stands in our way is us.
Not the world. Not the circumstances. Not the people. It is our very perceptions. Perceptions of ourselves, the people around us, the world and the Universe (or God, or consciousness).

The way we think, determines the way we feel and act. Most of the time what stops our success and fulfillment is self-doubt. That subsequently leads to self-denial (not allowing ourselves to be successful) and that all together is nothing but self-sabotage.

Doubting ourselves kills the hope for our future before we even start any venture. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever can.

Removing our reasons for doubt which most often stem from the childhood is the first step to believing, dreaming and going after your big future that you desire.

What made you believe that you don’t deserve? Who told you that you are not good enough? Where is your belief about “it’s not for me” from? Go back to the root of these thoughts and beliefs, make sure you are aware of them and that you know where they came from. Understand that they are just conditionings, they are just thoughts you decided to believe in, for whatever reason. They are not actually true.

The Universe has you in the palm of its hand. It is providing you everything possible for you to blossom. You just need to plant your seed. You need to ask. You need to know what it is that you want. You need to plant your intention and positively align with it. Meditate, ask for direction, drop your limitations and act on your destiny. Act today. Because sometimes later can be never.

We all have it in us and it is possible for you too. This morning I heard and interview with Richard Branson and they asked him: What creates your happiness? He responded: Happiness means we stop acting like little children. Happiness means: Don’t stop until you achieve your success.

What about you? Are you ready to stop playing small and dare to go big and follow your dream? Our destiny is in our hands, and that starts in our mind.

Love to you always, Jasmine

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