Divine Love Prayer

Dear Ones, today I am sharing with you a powerful prayer for Divine Love. If it resonates with you, read it daily to grow into self love and unconditional love towards others.

Here it is:
In the name of my Beloved I Am present
I call for the power of Divine Love to be magnified in my Heart and world daily
I Am Love
Joyous Love
Radiating Love
Unconditional Love
The Divine consumes my shadows transmuting them into Love.
This day I Am a focus of divine Love flowing through every cell of my being.
I am a living stream of pure Divine Love that can Never be re-qualified by fear, anger, hatred, dislikes and greed.
All negative thoughts and feelings are now dissolved and consumed by the Power of Divine Love
which I am.
I Am, I Am
I Am Love
I live in the consciousness of Love
I Am Love in its fullest expression, blessing all humankind with Divine Love
I Radiate Love
I Am Love in action,
Blessing and uplifting and healing All on Earth
So Be It
Beloved I Am. 


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