Claim your power

Power is ultimately what changes our reality. If we are powerless, we believe we can’t change what is in front of us and also that we can’t change what we think about ourselves and how we see our past and our future.

The opposite is true! We have the power to change what we think about ourselves, the world, our past and our future. We also have the power to change our reality in a BIG way! I’m not talking about improving your life a little bit. No! I’m talking about quantum leap. This is the kind of change that turns your life around in such a way that you didn’t dare to dream of before. Quantum leaps are possible for all of us! Dramatic changes in your life are possible if you choose to own your power.

In reality, you do have this dream about your life, but because it seems impossible, you decided to stop believing in it and you stopped trying to go after it. You look at your past disappointments, you look at the world around you, you observe what’s out there and your dream just fades away in your heart.

Here is the catch: We don’t understand that we have another choice. We can choose to change what we believe is true about ourselves. We can choose to believe differently about our past, because what we currently believe is only a story. We can also choose to believe differently about our future. The choice is freely available for us to take. We need to first understand that we have the power to change what we believe. It is not set in stone, it is changeable, trainable, bendable. We are our choices. And if we choose to believe differently, we have taken the first step towards the impossible.

I am here to tell you that the impossible is possible. It is closer than you might think. Your impossible life can be only a few months away. Maybe even much, much closer. You can meet the love of your life tomorrow, if you powerfully change your beliefs about what’s possible and what’s impossible. That is how fast we can make a change. Choice is power. Decision is power. Persistence is power. Willingness is power. Fear and excitement of the unknown when faced, are power.

Connect to your inner power to make the choice today to believe differently. To stop looking at your dreams as impossible. To dare to claim them in a powerful way by changing your beliefs about you, your past, your future, your own possibilities.

Be powerful but remain kind. That is the beauty of an open and healed heart. Are you up for it? I believe you are. I will see you on the other side.

With love always, Jasmine

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