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Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power. The only thing that makes us powerless in our life is lack of proper knowledge about life. Knowing how to handle difficult situations in times of struggle, is what makes us or breaks us to be the

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Surrender to life

Whatever happened, it happened well. Whatever is happening, it is happening well. Whatever will happen, it will also happen well. What of yours did you lose? Why or for what are you crying? What did you bring with you, for

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Running away from our demons

We all know the feeling that we are often hunted by the same issue again and again no matter what we do. Sometimes we think that we can get rid of that thing by simply pushing it away, not looking

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Sitting with our feelings

It can take great courage to really sit with our feelings, allowing ourselves to surrender to their powerful energies. All too often we set our feelings aside, thinking we will deal with them later. If we don’t deal with them,

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Secrets to manifestation

We all want to manifest our dreams, but how come it is happening for some people and not to others? There are a few things you need to know about manifestation: 1. You need to have clarity. If you don’t

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Big dreams have small beginnings

When we help someone to shift the way they see the world, their world is going to shift. Today, I want to take a chance to shift the way you see your world. It might not look like an easy

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You are unique

Sometimes we feel that we are overcome by the heaviness of a situation or a change and we consider it being wrong and that we should be doing better. However, how we respond to situations taking place in our lives

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We can never get enough of what we don’t need

I heard an amazing truth today: “We can never get enough of what we don’t need.” Think about it. We can never get enough of what we don’t need. This is so true! Look at people who are only chasing

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We are the source of everything

We are the source of everything! We are powerful creators. Whatever we see in our life today, we have created by our thoughts, feelings and actions in the past. How we feel, think and act today will create our future tomorrow and years from now.

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None of your business?

Often times we hear people say: “It’s none of your business”, nevertheless we repeatedly find ourselves worrying about things that we have no real control over. If you are a worrier and tend to take things very personally all the

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Be part of something bigger

We all know people who pursue money, power, or pleasure as their ultimate end. They are never happy because they can never get enough, and they always want more and more for themselves. These things however, are temporary and fleeting,

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Plant your seed

What story did you tell yourself when you woke up this morning? Did you start your day by automatic self-sabotage or did you wake up with a vision and strong belief in your full power and the unlimited potential that lies

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Do it anyway

We all need this encouragement on our path no matter where we are on our journey. Even the most accomplished and successful people find times in their life when they are holding back and facing barriers they hesitate to overcome.

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