The piercing power of truth

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A radical shift in consciousness happens only when deep truth is shared and also realized. We all live our lives not being aware of the many blind spots and patterns we operate on. They are called blind spots because we

You are a diamond

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Tonight a friend who I had met just recently shared with me that she has a very intense higher calling and her heart deeply desires to follow it but that can’t seem to get unstuck out of her current life

Don’t fail to try

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Most of people live way under their potential. Why? Because they never try to reach higher than their regular norm. They don’t try to reach for the stars, they don’t dare to dream, they don’t risk, they don’t leap. It’s

Embrace the change

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We all resist change in one way or the other. We get uncomfortable to say the least, if not fearful, worried, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed. Change is always a transformation of some sorts and that is usually combined with some

Knowledge is power

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Knowledge is power. The only thing that makes us powerless in our life is lack of proper knowledge about life. Knowing how to handle difficult situations in times of struggle, is what makes us or breaks us to be the

Postponing is against life

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We all know this one habit – postponing. We postpone meditating, we postpone starting our own business, we postpone working out, we postpone starting to eat healthily, we postpone our transformation, we postpone being happy. While we are postponing though,

Practice the love you want to receive

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We all want to be loved and to have a wonderful happy life but many times we get angry at people who don’t match the image of our image of this loving and peaceful world that we dream of. We

Growth is life, stagnation is death

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Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of being in the same exact place a year from now. As long as you walk towards your goals, taking steps towards what it is that you want, you are on the right

The Universe is your Home

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It is so easy to forget in times of struggle that we are always taken care of. We fail to notice all the help and blessings in our life when we are scared of change or facing a real challenge.

You are not someone else’s opinion

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You are not what they think of you! So what that they said you were wrong? So what that they thought you were ugly? So what that your parents didn’t plan you? So what that someone didn’t want to play

The beauty of a Goddess

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What men love about us, women, are our emotions, our vulnerability, our open heart, our softness, our gentleness, our openness to feeling. When you start embodying your true femininity, men will be naturally drawn to be around you. Men love

The past is old news

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To keep our power, we need to constantly remind yourselves  of our value, remember our strengths, our uniqueness and our achievements. We must stop focusing on our failures, remembering what went wrong and where we could have done better. The past is the

Speak your truth!

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What would happen if you spoke up today? If you said what you want to say, if you let the words go out. If you stood up behind your truth, your beliefs and convictions? Many of us are empaths, healers,

Don’t let doubt stop you from your destiny

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Sometimes the only thing that stands in our way is us. Not the world. Not the circumstances. Not the people. It is our very perceptions. Perceptions of ourselves, the people around us, the world and the Universe (or God, or

The Universe is a “Yes-ing machine”

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The Universe is a big “Yes-ing Machine”. Anything you believe, think, feel, imagine, the Universe says a big YES to it. If we say I can have it, it says yes to it. If we say we don’t deserve it,

Divine Love Prayer

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Dear Ones, today I am sharing with you a powerful prayer for Divine Love. If it resonates with you, read it daily to grow into self love and unconditional love towards others. Here it is: In the name of my

Self-love is power

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Self love is the single most important thing to have in life. To carry a genuine deep love for ourselves is not about ego or arrogance it’s about spreading more love in the world. What we see in ourselves, others

Finding your purpose

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Your purpose has value. Do you know why? Because it’s your road and your destination to fulfillment.

Staircase to success

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There is no shortcut to success. We can’t just wish it to magically appear. Success lies in continuously acting on improving of who we are. Improving how we live. Improving how we serve. Improving how we relate to others. We

Claim your power

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Power is ultimately what changes our reality. If we are powerless, we believe we can’t change what is in front of us and also that we can’t change what we think about ourselves and how we see our past and

Logic vs. Heart

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Just like there are different dimensions of the material reality there are different dimensions of our being. The linear dimension of our being is logic. This dimension is based on facts, numbers, statistics, metrics. It’s very useful for strategizing, concurring,

Life is like a party

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Life is like a party. You invite many people, many show up, many don’t. Many laugh and enjoy the party with you but when the party is over and it’s time to clean up the mess, they disappear. Only few

Surrender to life

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Whatever happened, it happened well. Whatever is happening, it is happening well. Whatever will happen, it will also happen well. What of yours did you lose? Why or for what are you crying? What did you bring with you, for

Nothing is given, everything is a gift

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I read a beautiful quote today that really made me stop and feel what it meant and I wanted to share it with all of you. Here goes: “The most expensive thing is the one that costs you your inner peace.”

Wealth worships the ones that are courageous

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There are so many successful people out there who are pursuing their dreams in terms of their careers and businesses. They followed their calling and started their own companies and became extremely successful in what they do. I admire people

Old beans

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I wanted to share with you a story that I heard a while ago: It was a story of an older lady who was picking beans in her garden to cook a stew. After she picked the beans she sat

Running away from our demons

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We all know the feeling that we are often hunted by the same issue again and again no matter what we do. Sometimes we think that we can get rid of that thing by simply pushing it away, not looking

Sitting with our feelings

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It can take great courage to really sit with our feelings, allowing ourselves to surrender to their powerful energies. All too often we set our feelings aside, thinking we will deal with them later. If we don’t deal with them,

Secrets to manifestation

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We all want to manifest our dreams, but how come it is happening for some people and not to others? There are a few things you need to know about manifestation: 1. You need to have clarity. If you don’t

Big dreams have small beginnings

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When we help someone to shift the way they see the world, their world is going to shift. Today, I want to take a chance to shift the way you see your world. It might not look like an easy

You are unique

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Sometimes we feel that we are overcome by the heaviness of a situation or a change and we consider it being wrong and that we should be doing better. However, how we respond to situations taking place in our lives

We can never get enough of what we don’t need

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I heard an amazing truth today: “We can never get enough of what we don’t need.” Think about it. We can never get enough of what we don’t need. This is so true! Look at people who are only chasing

We are the source of everything

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We are the source of everything! We are powerful creators. Whatever we see in our life today, we have created by our thoughts, feelings and actions in the past. How we feel, think and act today will create our future tomorrow and years from now.

None of your business?

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Often times we hear people say: “It’s none of your business”, nevertheless we repeatedly find ourselves worrying about things that we have no real control over. If you are a worrier and tend to take things very personally all the

Be part of something bigger

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We all know people who pursue money, power, or pleasure as their ultimate end. They are never happy because they can never get enough, and they always want more and more for themselves. These things however, are temporary and fleeting,

Plant your seed

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What story did you tell yourself when you woke up this morning? Did you start your day by automatic self-sabotage or did you wake up with a vision and strong belief in your full power and the unlimited potential that lies

Do it anyway

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We all need this encouragement on our path no matter where we are on our journey. Even the most accomplished and successful people find times in their life when they are holding back and facing barriers they hesitate to overcome.