You are unique

Sometimes we feel that we are overcome by the heaviness of a situation or a change and we consider it being wrong and that we should be doing better. However, how we respond to situations taking place in our lives is a result of our past experiences; it’s a testament to our individuality, and also it may be a part of a healing process that allows us to address elements from our past via new understandings in the present moment.

Life’s ever-changing events can provide us with an opportunity to become unique and matchless beings through the learning and realizations that the events provide. We never fail in the way we respond. We either succeed or we learn. There is no wrong answer in life.

So if you are struggling with something in life, try to internalize your feelings without categorizing or evaluating them. Become a loving observer, become your own supporter, your own “fan” if you will. Your unique responses have made you who you are today and all your current situations are molding you into becoming your new self tomorrow.

Be compassionate with yourself. Know that you are doing your best and that you are the best you can be right now. And that is more than good enough.

I extend my heart and support to you always. Remember, you are a unique puzzle piece here in the beautiful Existence. I am happy you are the way you are. Love always, Jasmine 

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