None of your business?

Often times we hear people say: “It’s none of your business”, nevertheless we repeatedly find ourselves worrying about things that we have no real control over. If you are a worrier and tend to take things very personally all the time and try to find solutions to “unfair things in life” to the point of your own unhappiness, read these below 3 points that might help you distinguish how many worries you should take on and which ones you could let go of.

There are 3 groups of things we deal with it in our lives:
My business – My business is something that pertains you directly. It’s your feelings about things, you dreams, your desires, your intuitions and clues. It is everything to do with how you feel, where you want to go in life and how you want to go about it. There is no rule to your business. Nobody can tell you how fast you should get married, how you should go about your success, what career would be “better” for you, or whether or not you should do something that is totally counter-intuitive when you feel it is the right thing for you. Your business is solely in your hands. You have direct control over it and you are the driver with the steering wheel in your hands. Make sure nobody makes the turns for you.

Their business – Their business are opinions of others of you or of someone else, their expectations of you, their disappointments, jealousy, anger, their way of perceiving you as you are or their ideas of who you are and who you should be. Their business is not in your hands, that’s why we say “it’s none of my business”. I often heard this beautiful saying: “What you think of me is none of my business”, and it’s really true. We often think that we have to be liked by everybody, that people should agree with the way we live, eat, work and play and how we go about life. We think that we have to follow the societal “norms” which are nothing but illogical, inexplicable rules that many a time nobody knows where they came from.Understanding that “their business”, i.e. opinions of others of you, their expectations or even the consequences of their actions pertaining you have ultimately nothing to do with you. They are not personal, they are not a reflection of YOU, they are a reflection of THEM, whoever “they” might be.

HIS Business – His Business is what I call God’s business. God’s business are things that we have no control over. It’s things like earthquakes, tsunamis, poverty, world economics, terrorist attacks, refugees etc. You might say – well, we created the poverty, the people are responsible for wars and terrorist attacks etc. Yes and no. If you think your own worrying can change the decision of whether or not there will be a war in Iraq, than you must be the President of USA or someone in his close cabinet. If you are not, however, these things are ultimately out of your hands. Somebody else makes those decisions and you have no power to change them in a way of your worries or fears. Same way, you can’t affect the number of refugees coming into your country unless you have the direct decision power. We can’t stop the earthquakes, epidemics, poverty and terrorist attacks by our fears and worries. It is not a solution and it will never be. This is God’s business and we can believe and have faith, we can pray and send healing thoughts our way, we can contribute in our own positive ways, but ultimately we must understand that God’s business is in His hands and we need to surrender to it with love and faith.

So what are you dealing with in your life today? Is it your business, is it theirs or is it HIS?

Take a closer look and see if there is something you could let go of and feel lighter, freer, happier and more available to those things that are YOURS today. Love to you always, Jasmine 


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