Big dreams have small beginnings

When we help someone to shift the way they see the world, their world is going to shift.

Today, I want to take a chance to shift the way you see your world.

It might not look like an easy task at first, because I don’t really know you. I don’t know who is reading this post and who is not and what your history is.

But I know one thing: You have a big dream, a big vision for yourself. You dearly desire to have that vision fulfilled. It is almost squeezing your stomach when you think you would never have it, right?

Well, here is where I will challenge you: You don’t have it, because you don’t really want it. If you wanted it enough, you would already have it. When we want something really badly, we move mountains to have it. You are afraid that you can’t have it, you have not yet given yourself a full permission to have it. Or maybe you think it will come on its own with time when you are lucky.

I don’t know how many of the above apply to you, but I can tell you straight up, that you have it in you to make a decision to have it right now. You can make a decision on the inside to stand up and claim it.

You can make a decision right now to allow yourself to manifest it. You can decide to act on it RIGHT NOW!

You can break the patterns of:
– I don’t deserve it
– I’m not lucky enough to have it
– It has to come on it’s own when the time is right
– It would be too much responsibility once I had it
– Who am I to have something like this
– It is impossible
– I don’t know how to do this.

I know for a fact, that none of the above is true. Conscious or unconscious, these beliefs are NOT you. They are NOT true and you don’t need to wait any longer to wait for your big dream.

Please do this homework today and write down your big dream in detail. Then allow yourself to claim it. Stand up on the inside and make a decision to pursue it by knowing that you are more than enough to have it. Stand up like a cobra on its tail and make a powerful decision, YES, I am claiming my destiny!!! Grab life by the horns! Yes you can!!

Live from that power, hold that power, plan out of that power, speak out of that power, act out of that power, know that you have that power as long as you remain in that power.

I want you to claim your destiny. I want you to be a success. I want you to have the best life. Don’t wait until you’re on your death bed to regret what you haven’t done. There is no failure in life, there is only a regret of not trying.

I pray that you take up this perspective today and shift the way you see your world. Let this process be a small beginning of your big dream today.

My love and blessings are always with you from the depth of my heart. ~ Jasmine

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