From Mud to Enlightenment

Jasmine is passionate about everything connected to personal and spiritual transformation. She’s a trained Yogini and a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Life Coach. Her life experiences brought her to deep spiritual seeking in her late 20’s when after suffering with terrible anxiety and panic attacks she started on a journey of her personal transformation. Willing to avoid medical treatment she started looking for solutions by reading spiritual books and intense practice of yoga and meditation. Her path of seeking was becoming more intense as she saw tremendous results just within 2 months of practicing and eventually she could not resist the calling to go to India in search of major transformation.

Not only did she achieve that in mere 3 months in the presence of a unique and authentic enlightened Master, but little did she know that she will return to India for full 5 years shortly after that. After her initial awakening experience her spiritual quest became so intense that she sold all her material possessions, gave up her promising corporate career and traveled to India to study further with her Master.

In India she pursued her studies of Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Scriptures directly at the feet of her Guru. Within months she experienced extra-ordinary awakening moments that transformed her to very core. As she says in her own words, “I couldn’t recognize myself. Everything about me became different, it was as if my very wiring was changed.”

The extensive training that she had undergone taught her not only physical postures in Yoga and powerful breathing and meditation techniques, but also gave her wealth of knowledge and wisdom about the deepest truths of life. Thanks to her remarkable transformation Jasmine became very passionate about bringing the experience of her spiritual awakening to other people’s lives in the form of Spiritual Teaching, Meditation and Mentoring that helped her students in conscious break-trough’s and powerful awakening moments which subsequently caused unwavering influence on the quality and purpose of their lives.

Jasmine has dedicated over 5 years of spiritual studies and practice in India after which she was able to bring her knowledge and expertise to other continents. She opened several meditation and spiritual centers in her home country in Europe and she also taught hundreds of seekers in United States and Canada to walk towards their authentic spiritual calling.

In India Jasmine lived as “Ma Nithya Priyaswarupa” which was a spiritual name given to her by her Guru. The meaning of this Sanskrit name was “In eternal Oneness with the Essence of the Universe beyond any Form”. She is using this powerful initiation as a strong guide on her life’s quest and mission to empower and transform people’s lives.