Nothing is given, everything is a gift

I read a beautiful quote today that really made me stop and feel what it meant and I wanted to share it with all of you. Here goes: “The most expensive thing is the one that costs you your inner peace.”

How many times have we been in situations when we have observed other people losing their peace, their joy or happiness or their “cool” for something that seemed really trivial to you? I’ve seen this happen countless times in my life and every time I thought to my self, “What a waste!”

What do I mean by waste? I mean that many times we are so sucked into the illusion of the moment that we forget to see the grand scale and the real value of things. For example, you get into a fight with your spouse over a broken wine glass or a dent on your car, but if you remembered that you could lose this person any moment in time due to an unexpected event, you would value every second with them and would not bother over a broken glass or a scratch on your car.

Too many times do we forget what the real values are in life. We take people’s presence in our life for granted, we take their love for granted, their support for granted because we think that what we have now is a given and eternal. The one thing we need to realize here though, is that our forgetfulness is what creates our misery and ultimately we are the ones who are losing in regret later.

You see, our problems are not permanent as we think. Bigger problems always replace the smaller ones when they appear in our life and the smaller issue suddenly loses its significance. For example, you fight with your spouse over a scratch on your car. You are angry because it’s expensive and it will cost so many dollars to repair. You fight all night and even stop talking. But let’s say the next day you learn that your spouse has a terminal disease and he or she only has a few months to live. Would you care about your scratch or would that suddenly mean nothing in your life? Probably the latter, right?

Remember, that all our problems are ultimately small problems that we create based on our attachment to things. We value things more than relationships and more than love itself. We forget what we have until we lose it over the very things we were so attached to, and then we remember how empty they are.

The only things that matter in life are relationships. May they be with yourself or with others. We are social animals and we thrive on connection and attention. None of us is an island. We support each other and our co-existence on this planet gives us meaning. It is not the material that has value, because none of that has a soul, none of that gives you connection. None of that will go with you when you lose your temporary body.

I know that we all need these reminders and this little article is doing just that. Have a read to these wise words and think about it as you go about your life. Remember the big picture and what the true values are and be LOVING, KIND and CARING. Remember, everything is a gift. Love you always, Jasmine. 

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